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The Student Engagement Puzzle: Piecing Together Divisional Student Involvement Data using Technology
Coordinating Presenter: Tyneka Harris Coronado Tuesday, March 18
1:15 PM - 2:05 PM Holiday Ballroom - 2 - Hilton
In student affairs, information related to student involvement is often collected here, there and everywhere in between. Though collecting this information is an important first step, it is necessary to think about the larger (divisional) picture and figure out ways to standardize data collection methods across departments with the goal of creating a centralized repository of data that would allow for easier assessment and reporting on student engagement and potential success related to that engagement down the road. This session will focus on steps that can be taken and tools that can be used to pull involvement data from various sources in order to begin putting the puzzling pieces of divisional (cross-departmental) student engagement together.

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NASPA 2014 Annual Conference