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Blogging Bravely
Coordinating Presenter: Josie Ahlquist Monday, March 17
11:05 AM - 11:55 AM 332 - Convention Center
Other Presenters
  • Christopher Conzen, Director of Campus Activities and Student Leadership Development, Suffolk County Community College
  • Amma Marfo, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Involvement and Assessment , Emmanuel College
  • Renee Piquette Dowdy , Assistant Director of Education & Curriculum Design , Synergos, AMC
  • Marci Walton, Resident Director, Santa Clara University
Want to be an online student affairs leader? Blogging can extend your reach as an innovative and transformational leader in the field. This type of leadership presence online takes courage. Blogging bravely challenges higher education leaders to define purpose, voice and niche in order to transform higher education. Participants will receive hands-on tools for the development and creation of their own blog. Best practices will be highlighted from research and bloggers in higher education.

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NASPA 2014 Annual Conference