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2019 Capstone On-Campus NASPA Undergraduate Student Conference Scholarship Application

Capstone On-Campus Management and NASPA have teamed up to create the Capstone On-Campus NASPA Undergraduate Student Conference Scholarship. This scholarship is intended to support first time attendance at NASPA's Undergraduate Student Conference prior to the Annual Conference in Los Angeles, CA. Any undergraduate student with an interest in higher education and student affairs is eligible to apply, including NUFP Fellows.

Recipients of the scholarship will receive a complimentary registration to the Undergraduate Student Conference and a $250 stipend to use for conference-related expenses.

Complete applications must include:

  • Online demographic information (this form) 
  • Updated Resume
  • Applicant Questions
  • Letter of Recommendation 

Application Deadline: December 17, 2018

Applicants will be notified by the middle of January. For questions about the Capstone On-Campus Undergraduate Student Conference Scholarship, please email Colleen Dougherty at  

Please note: While NUFP Fellows are encouraged to apply for this scholarship, Fellows will not be awarded both the Capstone On-Campus Undergraduate Student Conference Scholarship AND the NUFP Annual Conference Stipend.


If you do not have a customer ID, please create one here: Create a Customer ID. While a NASPA membership is not required to apply for the stipend, the registration rate reimbursed will be the undergraduate member early-bird rate ($140). 

Once you have created an account and logged into you will be able to edit your profiled and see your NASPA ID under your "personal snapshot." Applications will not be processed without a NASPA ID.

Customer/Member ID:  Required
Are you a current NUFP Fellow?  Required

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Please indicate the region your institution is in. To determine your region, please visit

Region  Required

 Region I  Region II
 Region III  Region IV-E
 Region IV-W  Region V
 Region VI  LAC Area
 MENASA Area  
Applicant Information
First Name:  Required
Last Name:  Required
Gender Pronouns:
Preferred Email:  Required
Preferred Phone Number:  Required
Undergraduate Education Information
Undergraduate Institution:  Required
Undergraduate Graduation Class Year:  Required
Undergraduate Major(s):  Required
Required Questions

Please upload a PDF file to answer the question below in a maximum of two pages, double spaced:

  1. Why do you want to attend the 2019 Undergraduate Student Conference? What do you hope to learn from attending?
  2. How have your identities influenced your interest in pursuing a career in student affairs and/or higher education?
  3. What current “hot topic” or issue on college campuses is of interest to you? How do you hope to address this issue as a student affairs professional?
  4. Is there anything else you would like to share with the selection committee related to your application for this scholarship?

Please upload your response save as Last NameFirst NameQuestions, i.e. VictoriaNathanQuestions.

Questions, Last Name, First Name:  Required
Provide short title (Questions, Last Name, First Name):  Required
Please upload your résumé as a PDF file and save as Last NameFirst NameResume, i.e. VictoriaNathanResume.
Résumé:  Required
Provide short title (Résumé):  Required
Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation should be provided from a student affairs professional, faculty mentor or mentor. The letter of recommendation should reflect on how you will benefit from attending USC and how you will contribute to the overall quality of the proram.

Letter of Recommendation:  Required
Provide short title (Letter of Recommendation):  Required
Gender Identity
Gender Identity

 Woman  Man
 Transgender  Trans Man
 Trans Woman  Gender Queer/Gender Non-Conforming
 Intersex  Prefer not to disclose
A gender category/identity not listed: please specify:

 American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian  Asian/Asian American/Pacific Islander
 Black/African American  Hispanic and/or Latinx/a/o
 Multiracial/Multiethnic  White/Caucasian
 Middle Eastern  Prefer not to disclose
An identity not listed: please specify:
Sexual Identity
Sexual Orientation

 Asexual  Bisexual
 Gay  Lesbian
 Pansexual  Queer
 Questioning or Unsure  Prefer not to disclose
 Same-Gender Loving  Straight (heterosexual)
An identity not listed; please specify:

 Blind/Low Vision  Deaf/Hard of Hearing
 Learning Disability  Physical/Systemic
 Psychological Disability  N/A
 Prefer not to disclose  
An identity not listed; please specify:
Additional Identities
Additional Identities

 Adopted  Undocumented/DACAmented
 First-Generation College Student  Pell Grant Eligible
 Religious Minority  Veteran Status
 N/A  Foster Youth
An identity not listed; please specify:
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