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2018 NASPA Region IV-East Awards


Friday, September 7, 2018 at 5:00pm (central) Friday, October 5


Each year NASPA recognizes outstanding members by honoring individual professionals and programs with regional awards. To continue with this tradition, please consider nominating one of your Region IV-East colleagues or programs.

Descriptions for all State/Province and Regional Awards can be found on the Region IV-East Awards page. As you complete the form, ensure that you review and select awards based on if they are individual awards or program awards. Please review the criteria required in each section and provide the information as needed. Only one award can be selected per submission (unless the award allows for state/province winners as noted on the awards website). If you would like to submit an application for more than one award, you will need to submit a new form for each person/award. Award descriptions and specific award criteria are available online.  

Regional winners will be forwarded for consideration at the national level, as applicable. Each nomination should include a letter of nomination, letters of support, the nominee’s resume and contact information (when appropriate). Some awards or grants require additional documentation. Please review each award for individual criteria and requirements. The deadline is Friday, October 5 at 5:00pm (central). Winners will be notified in October and the presentation of the awards will take place at the Region IV-East Conference, November 11-13, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Award winners are strongly encouraged to attend the Regional Conference.


Questions regarding the awards process can be directed to:

Meg Haggerty, MS

Chair, Region IV-East Awards and Exemplary Programs

NASPA Region IV-E Board



Award Nominee
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Award Type

Depending on which type of award you are nominating someone for (state/province or regional), please select the option from the list below. If you select a state/province award, please make sure to specify for which state you are submitting.


Type  Required

Review the Award Section below to see if the award would qualify as a State/Province or Regional Award. This is listed under Award Section.

 Regional Award  State/Province

 Illinois  Iowa
 Indiana  Michigan
 Minnesota  Ohio
 Ontario  Wisconsin
Award   Required

 Undergraduate Student Rising Star (State/Province Award)  Graduate Student Rising Star (State/Province Award)
 Outstanding New Professional (State/Province Award)  Outstanding Mid-Level Student Affairs Professional (State/Province Award)
 Outstanding Senior Student Affairs Officer (Regional Award)  Community College Professional (Regional Award)
 Outstanding Service to NASPA (Regional Award)  Outstanding Contribution to Higher Education (Regional Award)
 Outstanding Contribution to Student Affairs through Teaching (Regional Award)  Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (Regional Award)
 Community Colleges Research and Scholarship (Regional Award)  Innovative Program Award (Regional Award)
 Research and Assessment Grant (Regional Award)  Retiree Recognition Process (Regional Award)
 Robert H. Shaffer Award (Regional Award)  President's Award (Regional Award)
 Melvene D. Hardee Dissertation of the Year (Regional Award)  
Person Making Nomination
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Letters of Support
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Letter of Support - 3
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Letter of Support - 3:
Provide short title (Letter of Support - 3):
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