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2018 BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA Region I Spring Conference Award Nomination

12/5/2017 - 2/16/2018

Every year at our Regional I Spring Conference, the BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA recognize the most outstanding peer educators, advisors, groups and programs of our region. Celebrate your peer education efforts by applying for one of the BACCHUS Region I awards. Please utilize the Award Nomination Form below to nominate a deserving individual or group. Only Region I BACCHUS Network-affiliated peer education groups, advisors and peer educators are eligible to be nominated. Winners will be announced during the Awards Ceremony at the Region I Spring Conference. Nominees do not need to be present at the conference to be nominated or to win.   

To ensure that we recognize your outstanding peer educators, advisors, programs and campuses correctly, please make sure to thoroughly review your submission.

Outstanding Peer Educator
Nominations will be evaluated on prerequisite qualities of an excellent peer educator - including being a role model, an outstanding facilitator of student learning, and an effective link between student needs/resources and campus/community needs/resources, and some qualitative and quantitative measure of student/community service. This person would often serve above and beyond the call of duty. Please note the current Student Advisory Committee member is not eligible for this award.

Outstanding Advisor
Nominations will be evaluated on qualities that relate to the advisor’s relationship with students, campus and community, including leadership example, motivational style, support of the student efforts, dedication to peer education and service to the campus community. A student member of an existing peer education group must submit the nomination for this award. Please note the current Regional Consultant & State Coordinators are not eligible for this award.

Outstanding Program
Nominations will be evaluated based on the program’s overall impact on its intended improvements in college health over the long-term. Be specific regarding type, extent, goals, reach, and service. While you may nominate as many events/programs as you wish, the program must be from the past year only (March 2017-March 2018).

Outstanding Peer Education Group
Nominations will be judged on overall impact, diversity and scope, membership recruitment and retention, service to community, student leadership, campus and community relations, creativity and overall effectiveness. The extent of group funding is not considered


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Nomination Details
Please answer the following questions using an essay format, consisting of 750 words or less. Provide as much detail as possible. In addition to referring to the criteria listed in the Award Category section above, please include any additional comments or information you would like to share about the nominated person/program.
If the nominee is a peer educator or advisor, please describe why this person is deserving of this award.

If you are nominating a program or peer education group, please describe why the program or group is deserving of this award using the criteria for th

Region I 2018 Spring Conference Attendance

Will your peer education group be attending the Region I Spring Conference at the University of Rhode Island?


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