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BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA 2018 Region I Spring Conference Call for Programs

12/15/2017 - 2/16/2018

Program Submission Deadline Extended:  February 16 2018

Notification of Program Submission Status: February 23, 2018

    Please submit demographic information for the coordinating presenter and complete all of the fields below. For longer text fields, such as the program abstract and outline, you may find it easier to type in a word processing program or Notepad and cut and paste the text into the space provided. Please double check your submission for grammar and spelling accuracy. 


Coordinating Presenter Information
Please select the coordinating presenter for this program. They will appear as the coordinating presenter in the program materials, and will receive all correspondence for this program during the selection process.
First Name:  Required
Last Name:  Required
Title:  Required
Institution:  Required
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Peer Education Group Name:
Program Title
(Program title limited to 12 words)
Program Title:  Required
Program Abstract
Please provide a brief description (maximum 150 words), which will be printed in the conference program.

The abstract is a brief description of your presentation that provides the reader with an accurate picture of what the presentation will cover. Remember, only the abstract will be provided to attendees. Well-written abstracts will identify purpose and intent of the program, are concise, organized and specific. Additionally, effective abstracts begin with the most important information or concepts.

Program Abstract  Required

Program Outline/Description
(1,500 word maximum)

Your program description will provide an in-depth look at the proposed program. Reviewers will rely on this description to enhance their understanding of the content and goals of the presentation.

A complete description is well written, concise and includes an outline of the presentation, a description of the format, replicability for other peer education programs on other campuses. Proposal content should be grounded in research, practice, relevant experience, or appropriate theory. A successful proposal format offers potential for a stimulating session that involves attendee participation. Great programs not only describe what program implementation looks like on campus, but how other institutions could adapt the program on their own campuses. Program outlines should allow for 50 minutes of content delivery, and 10 minutes for questions/ discussion.

In addition, please include clearly defined learning outcomes for the session. Additional information about writing learning outcomes

Program Outline/Description  Required

Learning Outcomes  Required

A/V Needs
Due to the significant cost of audio-visual equipment, any A/V needs beyond LCD projectors will be the responsibility of the presenter(s). This includes speakers. Internet may not be available in presentation rooms, so make sure that all presentation materials are available offline. As a reminder, we do not provide laptops or Apple/Mac adapters, so you must come prepared for your presentation with your own computer and Apple/Mac adapter.

Please indicate your audio-visual needs below:
Audio/Visual Needs  Required

 LCD Projector and Screen  Flip Chart and Markers
Presenter 2
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Presenter 3
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Presenter 4
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Presenter 5
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Background of Presenter(s)
Please enter brief biographical information about the presenter(s). What experience, education, or knowledge do the presenter(s) have in order to provide an educational session on this topic? If presenter(s) have prior experience presenting on this topic, list that experience here (e.g. Spring Regional Conferences).
Background of Presenters  Required

Please review all information carefully before submitting.

CONFIRMATION: In submitting this program, I recognize that should my program be accepted, all presenters must be registered for the conference, and I will communicate all necessary information to my co-presenters.

Confirmation of Program Information  Required

 Confirmation of Program Information  
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