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2017 NASPA Assessment and Persistence Conference

6/15/2017 - 6/17/2017
Orlando, Florida
Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress
Program Submission Deadline To: March 3, 2017 
Notification of Program Submission March 24, 2017
  • Please submit demographic information for the coordinating presenter, and complete all of the fields below.
  • For longer text fields, such as the program abstract and outline, you may find it easier to type in a word processing program and cut and paste the text into the space provided.
Coordinating Presenter Information
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Program Track
Select a program track.

If you select the "Assessment" track, please complete the "Learning Track-Assessment" section.

If you select the "Persistence" track, please complete the "Learning Track-Persistence" section.

For more information about the program track and themes, please visit:

Program Track  Required

 Assessment  Persistence

Learning Track-Assessment
Complete this section only if you have selected "Assessment" for your Program Track.
Learning Track-Assessment

 Fundamentals of Assessment  Assessment Methods and Measurements  The Role of Data in Institutional Decision Making  Integrated Assessment & Persistence Practice

Learning Track-Persistence
Complete this section only if you have selected "Persistence" for your Program Track.
Learning Track-Persistence

 Institutional Persistence & Retention Initiatives, Financial Aid, & Enrollment Management  Retention & Persistence of Special Student Populations  Integrated Assessment & Persistence Practices

Program Type
Select a program type.
Program Type  Required

 General Interest Session (1 hour)  Pre-Conference Workshop (3 hours)  Afternoon Dialogues (roundtable) (1 hour)  Extended Learning Session (2 hours)  Poster Session

Content Level
Select a content level.
Content Level  Required

 Foundational  Intermediate  Advanced

Professional Competencies for Student Affairs Administrators
Please select at least one but no more than two competency areas.
Professional Competencies

 Advising & Supporting  Assessment, Evaluation, & Research
 Law, Policy, and Governance  Leadership
 Organizational and Human Resources  Personal and Ethical Foundations
 Social Justice and Inclusion  Student Learning and Development
 Technology  Values, Philosophy, and History
Due to the significant cost of audio-visual equipment, any A/V needs beyond LCD projectors will be the responsibility of the presenter(s). As a reminder, we do not provide laptops or Apple/Mac adapters, so you must come prepared for your presentation with your own computer and Apple/Mac adapter.

 Flip Chart with markers  LCD Projector and Screen
If other, please describe here::
Program Abstract
Maximum 80 words
Program Abstract  Required

Background of Presenters/Familiarity of Topic
Please indicate the presenter(s) qualifications and expertise in the area below.
Background/Familiarity  Required

Outline/Description should be lengthy enough to give the reviewers an understanding of your program session. It should also address the following points:

  • Goals of presentation.
  • Relationship of the program to the conference themes.
  • Identification of the program format (e.g., lecture, panel, debate) including methods for participant involvement (e.g., discussion, effective practice sharing, case study analysis).
  • Evidence of the conceptual foundation for proposal content including ways the program content is grounded in research, relevant experience, a cogent model, or appropriate theory.
Outline/Description  Required

Confirmation of Program Information
Please review all information carefully before submitting. The text submitted for Program Abstract and Outline/Description will be used in the conference program if the program is selected.

In submitting this program, I recognize that should my program be accepted, all presenters must be registered for the conference and I will communicate all necessary information with my co-presenters.

Confirmation of Program Information  Required

 Confirmation of Program Information  
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