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2017 Dungy Leadership Institute Faculty Application

10/10/2016 - 1/2/2017

This position is open to current NASPA Members. Applicants must have at least five full-time years of post-master professional experience at time of application, unless they are a NUFP alum, which must have two years of experience. All applicants must be free from either June 15-21, 2017 or June 22-June 28, 2017.

As host institutions cover the cost of on-site lodging/meals and NASPA covers the cost of travel, there is no cost for applicants that are selected to attend.

Applicants must submit: (1) online demographic information, (2) application questions, (3) current résumé, and (4) a list of individuals who would serve as recommendors. 

For more information regarding the Dungy Leadership Institute, please visit the 2016 event page at or the general page at

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Final Deadline: January 2, 2017

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Please do not purchase a membership. Individuals who are current NASPA members will be given preference, but a membership at time of application is not necessary. If you are accepted as a faculty member, you must have an active NASPA membership through July 1, 2017.
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Other Identities
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How did you hear about this opportunity?
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 Email from NASPA  Former DLI Faculty Member
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Applicant Questions
Please upload one PDF file to answer the questions below :
  1. Why are you interested in serving as a faculty member for the 2017 NUFP DLI? What experiences do you hope to gain from this volunteer opportunity?
  2. Briefly describe your experience introducing and mentoring undergraduate students to and for a career in student affairs.
  3. If you could plan an educational session at DLI, what would be your learning outcomes and how would you structure the session?
  4. Please list all NASPA related events attended. How have these professional development experiences shaped your identity as a student affairs/higher education professional?
  5. Describe the qualities and skills you would bring to the NUFP DLI Faculty? How do you work as a member of a team?
  6. DLI is a time when many Fellows explore their identities and develop an understanding of those who might be different from them. How have your social identities shaped who you are as a student affairs professional, and how will you assist the Fellows as they continue in their own development?

Please upload the answers as a PDF file and save as Last NameFirst NameQuestions, i.e. VictoriaNathanQuestions.

Applicant Answer Questions, Last Name, First Name::  Required
Provide short title (Applicant Answer Questions, Last Name, First Name:):  Required
DLI Dates

DLI will be hosted on two campuses during Summer 2017. Please choose the dates you are available to serve as a faculty member and would therefore, like to be considered.

DLI Dates  Required

 June 16-21, 2017 (Faculty to arrive on June 15)  June 23-28, 2017 (Faculty to arrive on June 22)

Please upload one PDF file of three individuals who can comment on your experience working with undergraduate students and your skills in team building, presenting, and facilitating small groups. Please include the name, institution, title, contact information (phone/email), as well as your relationship with the individual. Note that NASPA may contact other individuals not on the list.

Reference Contact Information:
Provide short title (Reference Contact Information):

Please upload your résumé as a PDF file and save as Last NameFirst NameResume, i.e. ScottJasmineResume. Please be sure to also highlight your service to the profession in addition to your work experience.

Résumé:  Required
Provide short title (Résumé):  Required
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