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Join the NASPA Advisory Services Reviewer Pool

Reviewer Qualifications

NASPA Advisory Services reviewers are current members of the Association who are established, senior-level student affairs and higher education leaders. Reviewers must have at least ten years of senior-level experience, with minimum or equivalent service as an associate/assistant vice president, dean, or above. Reviewers bring significant student affairs senior leadership experience and/or subject matter expertise to reviews of individual divisions of student affairs at colleges and universities.

Reviewers expertly guide the inquiry process through examining campus background materials, leading interviews and meetings, acting as trusted advisors to senior institutional leadership, and serving as primary contributors to data-informed and experience-rich analyses and recommendations.

Reviewer activities vary based on the scale of a review project and whether the project includes a campus visit. Reviewer activities may include:

  • Serving as an active participant on a project Review Team. Each Review Team will consist of approximately two reviewers and one NASPA professional staff member.
  • Conducting a thorough examination of campus background materials, such as reports, assessments, and data.
  • Participating in web/telephone planning calls with the project’s vice president of student affairs.
  • Co-leading web/telephone interviews with campus members prior to a campus visit.
  • Co-leading meetings and interviews during a campus visit. Campus visits are estimated to be 1 to 1.5 days in duration.
  • Co-authoring draft and final review reports, in partnership with NASPA staff, with emphasis on expert analysis and recommendations.
  • Remotely co-presenting final reports.

Reviewer Compensation

NASPA Advisory Services conducts both Standard (remote) and Comprehensive (on-campus) reviews of divisions of student affairs and services. Each member of a Standard Review project will receive $750. Each member of a Comprehensive Review project will receive $1,200, plus agreed upon travel and hotel expenses. All reviewers will be compensated upon the completion of a project.

Join the NASPA Advisory Services Reviewer Pool

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Reviewer Experience
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If yes, please list previous examples including the year of review and name of the respective institution.

Institutional Type
Please select all institutional types at which you have professional experience.

 Community Colleges  For-Profit Institutions
 Large Universities  Mid-Size Colleges & Universities
 Minority Serving Institutions  Small Colleges & Universities
Familiarity with P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E.S. elements

NASPA Advisory Services uses a model called P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E.S. in self-assessments and reviews that is listed below.

Please select all elements for which you have subject matter expertise

 Policies on campus safety  Resource management
 Student affairs partnerships with academic affairs  Compliance with external rules and regulations
 Technology  Inclusion
 Community building  Evidence-based practices
 Student success  
Content Area Expertise
Please select all areas for which you have subject matter expertise.

 Academic Affairs Administration and Services  Adult Learners / Non-traditional Students
 African-American  Alcohol and Other Drug Education
 Asian Pacific Islander and Desi American  Assessment, Evaluation, and Research
 Campus and Student Activities  Campus Bookstores
 Campus Media  Campus Ministry
 Campus Safety  Career Development and Employability
 Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement  College Unions
 Commuter Students  Conference and Event Programs
 Counseling and Mental Health Services  Crisis Management
 Development, Grant Writing, and Fundraising   Dining Services
 Emergency Aid  Enrollment Management, Financial Aid, and Admissions
 Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Programs and Advocacy  Financial Well-being
  First-generation Students  Former Foster Youth and Homelessness
 Fraternity and Sorority Life  Gender and Sexuality
 Graduate Student Experience  Health and Well-being
 Honor Society Programs  Housing and Residence Life
 Indigenous Peoples  Intercollegiate Athletics
 International / Globalization Initiatives  Judicial Affairs, Ethics, and Integrity
 Latinx/a/o  Leadership Development
 Management and Leadership  Men's Initiatives
 Multicultural Initiatives  Multiracial
 Orientation, Transition, and Retention  Parent and Family Programs
 Partnerships and Collaborations in the Academy  Peer Education
 Persons with Disabilities  Policy and Governmental Affairs
 Recreation and Physical Well-being  Resource Management and Fiscal Administration
 Service Learning and Community Engagement  Sexual Violence Prevention, Response, and Education
 Socioeconomic and Class  Spirituality, Religious, and Secular Initiatives
 Student Affairs / Services Professionals' Career Development  Student Services for Graduate and Professional Students
 Students as Parents  Sustainability
 Technology  Transfer Student Initiatives
 TRiO, Access, and Bridge Programs  Undergraduate Student Experience
 Undocumented Immigrants and Allies  Veterans and Military-connected Students
 Violence Prevention  Women's Initiatives
Headshots will be used for the purpose of introducing reviewers, once selected, to a participating campus during a project.
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